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Sep 28, 2020 at 08:23 PM

Calling HANA views in BW transformations using AMDP


Hi All,

I have an requirement where I need to create a calculation view on Billing, Invoice and Exception tables ( with complex logic) and the data seems to be huge in volume. So , the approach I am finalizing is to call this Calculation view in SAP BW Trasnsformation using AMDP so that I can persist the data in DSO for better reporting.

I am planning to call this calculation view in all of below 3 DSO : Billing, Invoice and Exception so that I can bring the delta from all three DSOs - Billing, Invoice and Exception. Also I can set semantic groups in DTP too.

So, I will join my Billing DSO and CV based on Billing Doc as left join, in Invoice DSO, I will join my CV with Invoice number and in Exception, I wil join my CV based on Exception case ID.

But my question here : lets say when I join Billing DSO and CV based on Billing document , will HANA be smart enough to only consider the delta records coming from DSO and join it with CV or will calculation view first bring all records every time and then join will happen with matching records ?

or if there is any better approach , please do let me know.


capture.png (38.4 kB)