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Sep 28, 2020 at 02:27 AM

MT940 Decimal Places On Tag 60


Hi Experts,

I am doing Bank Statement Processing on file format MT940.
I am encountering decimal places issues with "," (Comma)

Below is tag 60 info in my data file:

and the Regular Expression that I am using.

The amount 29834,78 can be captured during Data Preview. (Refer to the screenshot below)

However, when I was doing the file import in SAPB1, it returned me the error message as below:
"Unexpected character, found in position 5 in field StartingBalanceL in table BankStatement; data corruption possible."

I am able to import when changing the "," (Comma) to "." (Dot) in the data file with the regular expression below:

But not sure why it can't work with "," (Comma) data file with "," (Comma) Regular Expression:

I am following the guide below:

Danny Ding


image1.jpg (77.0 kB)
image2.jpg (70.8 kB)