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Sep 24, 2020 at 10:03 AM

Problem with J1AI when I execute it twice for same month and asset


Hi everyone,

I have the following problem :

1. When I execute the program J1AI for a certain asset and certain month, the program calculates correctly the inflation

2. Then i execute the AFAB to post the inflation and no problem

3. But if I execute the J1AI again for the same asset and same month, the program makes an strange calculation again (opposite sign but different amount) . How is this possible? The inflation coeficients didn't change.

4. If I execute the J1AI for a third time for that asset and that month, now the program calculates nothing.

So, why the program makes that second strange calculation(there should not be a second calculation for the same asset and month of coefficient don't change) Is there something in the configuration related to this?