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Sep 30, 2020 at 07:38 AM

Transport Request for created objects from key-user-tools


Hi guys,

on a on-premise system I created and used some additional fields and custom business objects (CBO). I did the complete creation process with the Fiori apps from the key-user-tools. In a next step I wanted to transport the created objects.
To do so I created a package (in se80) and assigned it to a created workbench transport request. In the app 'Configure Software Packages' I added the package with the corresponding transport request. When I try to register a created field or a CBO to the package I receive the following error.

Does somebody know why this error occurs and how I can resolve it?
Also, is there a manual way to move the objects in the local package (since the key user fiori apps create the objects here) to the package assigned to a transport request?