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Sep 29, 2020 at 07:24 PM

Copy Hierarchy Structure from one Dimension to another dimension

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Hello Friends

Env - BPC 10.1 standard NW

The Cost Center Dimension is populated by BW InfoObject (Attribute, text and hierarchy). Its used in Finance Model.

There is subset dimension of Cost Center, called Sender Dimension used in Allocation Model. Sender dimension has around 1/10 members of Cost Center dimension. Sender Dimension has a List hierarchy

Allocation Model has Cost Center dimension too and it stores receiving allocations.

New Req - Users want the ability to have the same hierarchy structure as Cost Center in Sender dimension so that analysis is done at a node level instead of base level senders. All the nodes would be same, but only the base senders are populated in the hierarchy. We can expect nodes which do not have any Senders to be childless

Tried to populate sender dimension hierarchy structure with Cost Center BW info object hierarchy and it failed. (skipped 0Costcenter in IOBJNM and populated only 0HIER_NODE)

Is there a way in BPC to copy the hierarchy nodes only from one dimension to another (structure)

Its fine with both the Cost Center and Sender have the same hierarchy node names.

Thanks for your time.