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Sep 29, 2020 at 08:11 AM

Tax as well as the VAT to be printed on the invoice



I have a scenario where invoice for Hungary is getting printed with the VAT number present in the customer master of bill to party.

As per the new requirement from the user they want to get the TAX number maintained in the customer master also to be printed with the VAT in Invoice. I have checked the VAT number is present in the invoice at the header data and it is picking the VAT number from there.

Kindly let me know and advise if i want to include the tax number 1 or tax number 3 as well in the invoice then what changes has to be done and is there any assignment that we need to do for the country.

Please check the documents which is in HU language :

1) Invoice on which the VAT number is only getting printed and is maintained in the customer master as well as invoice header data.

As can be seen from the attachment that customer have tax number as well as VAT number.

2) Invoice header data :