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Sep 26, 2020 at 09:58 AM

Service PO and WBS Element for each line item in report (Item details-->Service tab)


Hi !

I want to capture WBS element against each line item in the service PO (Item details --> Service Tab)

I tried EKKN-EBELN TAKE PS_PSP_PNR But for example If I have 3 EBELP and for this 3 EBELP I have 3 line items in the service tab namely 10,20,30. Now, In in the report it is capturing whatever there in the 10 line item it is the same for 2nd Ebelp 10 line item and 3rd Ebelp 10 line item. Actually in my po I have different WBS for different line items

This should be captured without the help of service entry sheet decency tables. Because report should be viewed before creating Service Entry sheet and later use also.

Thank you in advance