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Sep 25, 2020 at 06:37 PM

EPMDimensionOverride with not like and merged criteria


In our entity dimension, we have a property "ACQ_YEAR - Acquisition Year" this might contain multiple years or a single year:

In a report I need to show all members that have either 2018 or 2019 in the property.

If I use EPMDimensionOverride to filter for ACQ_YEAR like *2018" or ACQ_YEAR like *2019* members that have both 2018 and 2019 in their list are returned twice.

Using the filter by properties from the member selector it is possible to use merged filters to control this using "Not Like"

I would like to replicate this in using EPMDimensionOverride formula so that I can make the years dynamic dependent upon the selected time period.

I have run into two problems with this:

1. "Not Like" does not seem to be possible in EPMDimensionOverride

2. There does not seem to be a way to "merge" criteria

Can someone suggest how I would be able to replicate the