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Sep 25, 2020 at 09:34 AM

Enhanced Workflow Application Custom Task UI Issue (My Inbox).


Hi Experts,

  • We have 2 SAP UI5 app and One workflow for a business process. First UI5 app ‘cerbudgetinit’ is added as tile in fiori portal and used to create a budget request in s4 system and triggers the approval workflow. In approval workflow user task, the second UI5 app gets loaded. However in our production subaccount it is not loading.
  • Working in Quality but after migrating to Production the issue is coming.
  • Below issue is coming and UI is not loading.

  • In Workflow User Task following component is used to load

Any hints, documentations etc. how to debug or solve that issue? I have no clue how to find the source of the problem.

I use the Neo - environment in Rot (if that matters).

Thanks in advance.