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Sep 23, 2020 at 04:27 PM

SAP CAI and Alexa - Email and fallback



I sent the question below for assistance with an issue with Alexa and Email. For background, read below. As you can see below, Alexa restarts the bot when you attempt to collect an email. When you look at the log feed in SAP, the @ symbol has been removed from the email address. Jean-Yves was looking into it but I haven't heard anything in days. I'm certain other people are coming across this issue. If they haven't, they will. Has anyone been able to investigate?

Appreciate any help. Thanks!



I've created a chatbot that collect a user's first name, last name, email, phone, and an entity called practice group. The bot works perfectly. I was able to create an Alexa skill using this bot but I have encountered a problem.

Using "TEST" in the Alexa development console, Alexa works well except when I attempt to capture this information. Alexa will ask me for the first name, last name, and then the email. When I provide the email, it doesn't move forward. Instead, it restarts the bot from the beginning. It doesn't make a difference if I type or say it. It does not move forward to phone number. It does this every time.

It works fine is SAP but doesn't seem to work in Alexa. Why doesn't Alexa capture an email address? Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi Fred,

You might have stumbled on a weird behavior (or potentially a bug). When I test myself, it seems like Alexa (or SAP CAI) is removing the @ sign in the email address.

Could you verify your bot's Log Feed and verify if you also see this behavior? You should see the email address entered from Alexa but with the @ sign replaced with a space.

I will check with colleagues on my side to see what could be the root cause.

BR - Jean-Yves