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Sep 24, 2020 at 08:10 AM

MDK Validation/ Clear Validation after Input

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Hi MDK- Experts,

I use for some FormCell in a Page Validations to indicate whats wrong or what's missing.

After input i want to clear this indication.

I try to use method 'control.clearValidationOnValueChange()' but nothing happen after change.

	clientAPI.executeAction('/..../Actions/.../CheckRequiredFields.action').then((value) => { => {
			control.setValidationProperty('ValidationMessage', "Eingabe prüfen");

So i put clearValidation() in a Rule and trigger this on Event ValueChange on my FormCell control

export default function clearValidation(clientAPI) {

This works fine for andriod but on IOS get worst. The entries in the field are absolutely mixed up. I type a number or letter and another number or letter appears.

What i did wrong ?

Thanks a lot,