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Sep 24, 2020 at 07:51 AM

There is a KF which does not appear in target KF in Manage Versions dialog


Hi, experts,

as noted in the title, what I found strange is that a KF called "Gross Profit" does not appear on the box of Manage Versions despite it does in Analytics and Planning View. I feel inconsistency because if it is a KF defined in the same Planning Area, it should be raised up. Can anyone tell me the reason behind that?

↑ KF Gross Profit appears in one of the analytic charts

↑KF Gross Profit appears in the planning view

the KF does not appear in the box when trying to copy versions from baseline to other versions


dvuxm.png (114.0 kB)
96oxh.png (67.1 kB)
33af4.png (34.5 kB)