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Sep 25, 2020 at 12:54 PM

APL Classification Documentation inconsistency


Hi Experts,

we are currently trying to use the APL and compare it to other predictive tools offered around SAP context. We successfully got the forecast algorithms to run and are currently stuck with the binary classification. Our use-case is a customer churn prediction. We moved hand over hand on the example scripts offered by SAP. We got to the point our results are created, with the columns 'Customer_ID' as our identifier column, 'Contract' as our target column and 'rr_Contract' as our prediction column.
Now to the problem we encountered. As stated in the developer guide on page 275 the rr_<target> is supposed to be of the same SQL Type as our target, but every example given (e.g. page 64) does not follow that rule. So in our case our target 'Contract' is of Type NVCHAR with the values 'active' and 'churned' but declaring 'rr_Contract' as NVCHAR ends in an error. However when we declare it as DOUBLE no error emerges and our column is filled with values rangin from somewhat like -1.5 to 1.5.
Is the rr_<target> intended to be of Type DOUBLE and if so how are the results to be interpretated?