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Sep 24, 2020 at 05:50 AM

Issue with OData $filter for entity mapped to standard CDS


Dear community,

I build a very basic help for material groups, which is mapped to I_MATERIALGROUPTEXT.

Now I am trying to filter entities from MaterialGroups entity using the OData standard paramter $filter.

If I use substringof('rija',ShortDescription) as a condition, I get 4 records.

If I use substringof('DE',Language) as a condition, I get tens of records.

If I combine the two using or, I only get the first 4 records. The entity and parameter syntax in this case is: MaterialGroups?$filter=substringof('rija',ShortDescription) or substringof('DE',Language).

This seems like a bug to me. Is there anything obvious that I am missing? Since this is mapped to an SAP view, the underlying processing is done using SAP standard code.

I am using the Gateway client to test (transaction /IWFND/GW_CLIENT).

Thanks and have a nice day,