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Sep 23, 2020 at 11:02 AM

S4HANA 1909 -EWM Pull List MF60- VL561 transfer parameters are missing in record:


Hello Guys,


  • BOM is maintained .
  • Production SLoc is IM managed.
  • Replenishment SLoc 1040 is EWM Managed.
  • Production order (PP01) is created and released
  • No stock for components in prod. SLoc
  • It has triggered a reservation.

Issue Description:

We are in S4HANA 1909. I am trying to trigger the outbound delivery for the components using MF60 for production order. It is throwing error message "VL561 Essential transfer parameters are missing in record: 000002".

I checked all the configuration in S4 side and it is correct.

Has anybody facing this issue in S4HANA embedded EWM?