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Sep 22, 2020 at 08:12 PM

Self Billing: open items in case of Tolerance


Hello Experts,

I have configured and tested the EDI SBWAP for self billing procedure. Now I have shown the solution to the customer but there are some open points regarding FI.

In case the tolerance is not respected, the system creates a credit note to clear the value is created and a debit memo for open item. For example 10 EUR

Now the questios:

a) In case the vendor contacts the customer and the credit advice was correct, what's happen to the debit memo for open item? The vendor has to cancel it?

b) In case the vendor double checks with the customer the amount difference and it is right, which is the next step? The debit note for open item is enought for a FI point of view? The customer has to send an additional edi for this 10 euro? Has to send another credit advice?

c) In case the difference amount is not correct but the agreement is that only 8 EUR of difference are enought, which is the next step?

Essentially the big doubt is how the vendor has to treat the credit and debit memo created automatically by the system.

Thanks a lot