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Sep 21, 2020 at 10:08 PM

Fail to connect to HANA with ngdbc driver when providing SAML(ADFS) assertion string


HANA database ( version 1.112) is configured to work with SAML SSO based on ADFS Identity Provider.

It does work from SAP Analytic Cloud and when executing a login to XS in the browser.

We need to connect to the HANA DB with the jdbc driver (ngdbc.jar - tried multiple versions ) from a custom application and use the SSO functionality. The assertion string obtained for the custom application is failing in HANA with the error below, but it looks very similar with the ones that work for XS:

The base64 decode of the received ticket failed. SSO_RC return value: 1281 (like in note 2671418)

It appears that something extra must be configured in ADFS or HANA, unfortunately instructions about ngdbc driver working with SAML ADFS are basically not existing (at least we could not find any).

Thank you for your help.