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Sep 18, 2020 at 07:44 PM

HANA XSA: Calling one application from another application redirect to some /login/callback?code=

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Hi Experts,

I have created an application which have tiles on the click of tile i am calling another application but when i click on tile rather than going to the application it redirects to some https://hxehost:51280/productHarmoni/login/callback?code=77UsXKBI3L.

productHarmonization is the application where i want to redirect on the tile click.

My xs-app.json from the application which has tiles looks like this

  "welcomeFile": "webapp/index.html",
  "authenticationMethod": "route",
  "routes": [{
		"source": "(.*)(.xsjs)",
		"destination": "js_be",
		"csrfProtection": false,
		"authenticationType": "xsuaa"
	}, {
		"source": "(.*)(.xsodata)",
		"destination": "js_be",
		"authenticationType": "xsuaa"
	},  {
		"source": "productHarmonization/(.*)",
		"target": "/webapp/$1",
		"csrfProtection": false,
		"destination": "productHarmonization_fe_dest",
		"authenticationType": "xsuaa"

My mta.yaml configuration for app looks like this.(Full mta.YAML attached in attachments)

Code from View on tile click looks like this.

And code from web controller looks like this.

Full project structure

Can you please what should I correct so that on tile click application will reach to the right destination?


flp-error.jpg (82.8 kB)
flp-error.jpg (82.8 kB)
view-tile.jpg (45.7 kB)
controller-flp.jpg (24.9 kB)
mtayaml.txt (17.6 kB)
xs-app-json.txt (5.0 kB)