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Sep 18, 2020 at 05:35 AM

[Validated LMS Test] Class registration status cannot be changed as "Pending" by admin



Now we are conducting SAP Validated Learning test for a customer.
We had asked test details to SAP LaunchPad and Preferred Success Community although, both sites denied answering it because this kind of question is NOT supported. Finally, they recommend post it here.

My question is about test script detail.
Following test script's result was failed. However, when confirming the specification to SAP LaunchPad, their answer had contradiction with test procedures descriptions.

Could you confirm whether script was wrong or whether our test precondition/ data condition is bad?

[Question] Class registration status cannot be changed as "Pending" by admin
Test Identifier:
Test Script: TC.UR.6.1802.5.1
Test Procedure:
Learner registration status is set to pending.
--> Our result: fail (Above cannot be conducted (Pending status is NOT displayed).)
--> OSS Answer: Admin cannot change class registration status to "pending." It's specification.

Thank you for your kind cooperation in advance.
Best regards,

Mayumi Ito
ABeam Consulting