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Sep 16, 2020 at 10:50 PM

SAP CAI - Free Text and Memory



I'm encountering a problem with free text, memory and webhooks. I have to create a bot to capture information. Some of this information consist of entities and various "free text" fields. There will be at least a couple fields for capturing a description. The entities such as name, email, phone, and any restricted entity I have to create are perfectly fine.

The problem occurs with the multiple description (free text) fields I have to create. I have been unsuccessful at capture this information via memory. I've read every weblink I can find on memory management from Recast/SAP and nothing is working for me. I've tried various stuff including FREE ENTITIES to no avail. I have multiple free text type fields for various aspect of this and other bots.

Can someone explain in plain language how can I create multiple free text fields? I'm not sure how redirecting to the skill with the need for multiple free text fields will work. As an example, how can I add two description fields one behind the other. Please write your explanation like your are writing to a child. Also, I have every weblink on the subject so I'm not sure I need them. Sorry for the long message but I wanted to make sure that you understand what I have to do and what I've already done.