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Sep 22, 2020 at 04:09 AM

IBMi Datastore Query only Recognizing 1 of 2 Libraries

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I have a Datastore pointing to an IBMi system. The files (Tables) in the Datastore are in 2 different IBMi Libraries.

I want to write a query like this, referencing files in the same datastore (but different IBMi libraries)


FROM FileA (which is in Library A)

JOIN FileB on FileA.Key = FileB.Key (which is in Library B)

But I get an error, because it's looking for both files to be in Library A, even though the datastore knows FileB is in Library B.

I found that I could add Library B to the ODCB Driver Library List. I thought that might be a solution, but get the same error. It appears to ONLY use the default Library , NOT the library list. When I change the Default Library, the error changes to the other Library.

If I qualify the library names in the code, it works, but we have a practice of NOT hardcoding Library names in Code.

Thoughts ?