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Sep 18, 2020 at 09:14 AM

Goods Return Detailed Report with Serial & Batch Wise


Hi All,

I want to add 'serial nos/batch nos.' details in the below query report.

SELECT T1."DocEntry", T0."DocDate", T0."DocNum", T0."CardCode", T0."CardName", T3."ItmsGrpNam", T2."U_BRAND", T0."NumAtCard", T0."U_BRANCH", T1."ItemCode", T1."Dscription", T1."Quantity", T1."WhsCode", T1."PriceBefDi", T0."VatSum", T0."DocTotal", T0."DocStatus" FROM "MYG_LIVE"."ORPD" T0 INNER JOIN RPD1 T1 ON T0."DocEntry" = T1."DocEntry" INNER JOIN OITM T2 ON T1."ItemCode" = T2."ItemCode" INNER JOIN OITB T3 ON T2."ItmsGrpCod" = T3."ItmsGrpCod" WHERE T0."DocDate" >= '20200701'

Please help me out.