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Sep 22, 2020 at 07:57 AM

One Shipment Document for Multiple Company Codes.


Dear Experts,

We have a business scenario.

We have 3 company codes in which the finished products are maintained by brands. But when it comes to transportation LE-TRA, we have to create one shipment document VT01N , with the outbound deliveries of multiple company codes. At present it is not possible since TPP is assigned to company code. If i create multiple shipment by company codes, then I end up in creating multiple shipment cost document for single truck. For e.g. If the shipment cost for truck T1 for Route R1 for Forwarding Agent F1 is 200 USD, then i will have two documents with 200 USD each, where in actual it is one shipment by same truck.

How could we achieve this requirement?


Azhar Ahmed