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Sep 19, 2020 at 06:39 AM

CAP/Hana Cloud: deleted csv files loaded during cloud foundry deploy



I have a CAP project (app, srv and db) built with the MTA build tool and deployed with cf deploy. I had some initial data to load so there were some csv files that I used for the initial deployment.

I then removed the csv files (because I don't want to overwrite the data in the HDI container with the initial data), rebuilt with mbt and deployed the mtar on 3 different environments. No issue in dev and int but for some reason the data was overwritten in prod...

When I look at the logs I can see that the data was loaded from the csv files (only in the production environment). However there's no csv file in the mtar and I deployed the exact same archive on the 3 environments.

So where do these csv files come from and why do I have a different behavior on 3 differents environments (3 different subaccounts/spaces/hana cloud instances)?

Bonus question: what are the best practices in terms of data backup with HDI containers? Are we supposed to export the container(s) before deploying a new version? Is there a way to recover the data when things go wrong?