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Sep 14, 2020 at 02:53 PM

SAP Incoming SOAP Request Payload Trace.


Hi Experts,

I want to see the SOAP Request payload coming to SAP(ECC 6.0) from my middleware system. The source system is ARIBA and this is an asynchronus call from ARIBA to create PO in ERP via middleware. Wanted to know the right tool for this. Tried the following:

SRT_UTIL => Activated the payload trace for my user. Not working. Activated the payload trace for the SICF URI. Not working.

SXMB_MONI => Only displaying the outbound payloads going out from SAP. Please advice if any config needed to enable the incoming requests.

SMICM => Not sure if payload can be traced here.

SICF(Recording option) => Not having authorisations for this. Please advice if this is the tool to trace the payload. If yes, will try for authorisations.

Thank You.