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Sep 15, 2020 at 07:00 PM

Message IDs for the Request and Response are different in Synchronous interface


Hi experts,

we are consuming the synchronous 3rd party web service from the different SAP systems (Sandbox,DEV,QAS).

The consumed service is the same for all systems (because the 3rd party has only one test instance for all of our landscapes).

We are not using SAP PI, so the communication is configured via SOAMANAGER directly.

The integration processes are running smoothly, but we are encountering the strange behaviour -

the Message IDs for the synchronous Requests and Responses

are the same in the Sandbox and DEV (as we expected) but are different for the QAS (it is an unexpected behaviour).

We checked in Payload Trace in SRT_UTIL transaction.

So in this case we are not able to easily map request and responses in our monitoring tools (we expect that for the Synchronous adapter the Message IDs are always the same for the request and response).

What could be the reason for this (that the Message IDs for the Request and Response are not the same for the Synchronous communication)? How it could be configured in SOAMANAGER?

Thanks a lot,