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Sep 14, 2020 at 03:17 PM

Using BPC 10 (standard) as a source of data


Hi folks,

I need some advice please.

I have "inherited" a BPC environment, which contains the full sweep of models: Consolidation, Planning & Forecasting, HR reporting, the works. Through lack of internal controls, changes were made directly in production, and haven't been transported through the landscape, so D, Q and P are no longer in sync (not even close!).

My plan was to restore a UJBR backup from Production back into BHD (at least, and then transport it through to BHQ) to get everything back to where it should be. But I have discovered two major problems.

Problem 1: Some of the data from BPC (for example, the finalised Planning data) is retracted back to source (EEC6) for reporting, but the retraction items built in BW link directly to the Planning InfoCube in BPC, which means we are unable remove the old version of the Planning cube (which is necessary if I want to keep the original InfoArea name and technical names), to be replaced by the UJBR version.

I think this can be resolved by enabling "Use as a source of data" on the BPC model, and then have the retraction use that transient query instead - is that correct?

Problem 2 (and waaaaaay bigger): there are many non-BPC objects (query elements, composite queries, DSOs) which contain BPC dimensions from the /CPMB/ namespace - so now we get errors when trying to process dimensions, and - as in the previous problem - there is a huge number of non-BPC dependencies to be deleted before I clear the old environment, so that my UJBR restore will work correctly.

Assuming that these dimensions are required in these non-BPC use-cases, what is the best practise way of doing this? We can create a "Z" version of the dimensions required, but how do they stay in sync with the "real" versions? Adding a transformation from one to another will just create another dependency.

Yes, I CAN restore this backup using a different name for my InfoArea, and by not recreating the technical names during the restore, but I'd rather sort out this mess properly.

And no, deactivating the offending objects is not enough - they need to be removed completely before the BPC items can be removed and replaced.

Maybe I'm missing some solution that is way more sophisticated??

Any suggestions welcomed and appreciated!