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Sep 14, 2020 at 07:40 AM

Display of Contact Function and Department depending on Validation Status


Dear experts,

I noticed unusual system behavior and wanted to ask if anyone can confirm it:

We load Contacts into our system from different sources, for example C4C and Forms. They have different validation statuses (like Business Partner (30), Verified (20) or Self-Identified (10)). For the Contacts we maintain the Function (like Sales Manager) and Departement (like Sales).

What we can observe now (or what my analysis revealed) is that the Function and Departement are only displayed in the Contact Profile UI, if the validation status is Business Partner. For contacts with other statuses I can see the function and departement for example in the "Inspect Contact" app but not in the Contact Profile UI.

The validation status is the only thing I can see that distinguishes the Contacts for whom the attributes are displayed or not.

Is this a bug or the correct system behavior? Can anyone confirm? If it is correct, what is the reason or "added-value" for that?

In my opinion this is not a good system behavior because for Function the field doesn't even appear but for Department the value "-" is displayed in the Profile which makes it appear that there's no value maintained.

See the example:

Contact Profile:

Inspect Contact:

BR Tobias