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Sep 13, 2020 at 10:54 AM

Fiori OVP Custom Card disable drag and drop on content



For one of my projects I'm working on a custom overview page with a custom card in it. Within this card I'm showing a map which can be moved by clicking the map and moving the map into the position needed. (basically what e.g. Google maps does as well) (rough example in screenshot)

At this point dragging the map into position isn't working, since clicking the map and dragging triggers the custom card to be moved instead of moving the map.

Since custom card consist out of 3 main area's (header, content, footer), I'm looking into a solution to disable the dragging functionality of the custom card on the content area. In that way it's still possible to move the card by dragging e.g. the header area.

Is this possible? Any takes on how to get this functionality up and running?

Best regards,

Geert-Jan Klaps


ovp-drag.png (928.4 kB)