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Sep 11, 2020 at 04:54 PM

Odata batch handling: subsequent process is dependent on previous process


hi experts,

i am facing a problem with Odata v2 batch handling and hope you guys can give me some insights.

I have an entity called 'Task' and it has such properties:

- Guid (key)

- Parent Guid

If the task doesn't have a parent guid, it means it is a parent task, meanwhile it is a subtask of a task if it has parent guid populated.

I am using a BAPI...CREATE to create the tasks and the bapi can return the created Task's guid without having to call commit first.

Now in the batch call, the request could come as create task A, task B, and many other entities request, and also task C which is subtask of A. How could i pass the guid of task A to be the parent guid of task C?

Hope you guys get what i mean.