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Sep 11, 2020 at 04:07 AM

How to add financial date in data model



I'm new in Hana Modelling. I have requirement to do reporting for Purchase Price Variance(PPV) based on financial date.

We follow the Calendar year (Jan-Dec) but our periods is different. We use the financial date for example, Jan is date 01 - 25 Jan instead of Jan 31. For month Feb until Nov, the financial date is 25 previous month - 26 current month (eg: Feb: 26/2-25/3) while for Dec is date 26 Nov - 31 Dec.


1) Which table should we use to get the financial date? Where this information is maintained in SAP?

2) I have created data modelling to get the variance but the problem is I don't know which table should I use to get the financial date and how to link it in my data model. My data model structure as below:

i) Attribute View MARC - to get material no

ii) Attribute View PPV - to get PO

iii) Analytic View PPV - to get variance for PO

Any better approach to do this data model?



hana-1.png (39.6 kB)
hana-2.png (60.6 kB)
hana-3.png (86.8 kB)