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Sep 10, 2020 at 09:42 PM

Transaction/Credit Card Receipts by Payment Processor (Paymetric, Adyen or Any other Processor)


Hello Experts,

Your attention & input to this would be highly appreciated.

Our Client (American outdoor manufacturer & distributor) is moving from Paymetric Payment Processor to Adyen Payment Processor.

Problem Description : AR team gets requests from their customers to share Transaction receipts/credit card receipts of transactions done. These are frequent requests from customers. Paymetric has that option and AR team has ability to mail those receipts to customers directly from Paymetric Customer space. With Adyen, it is not a standard set up.

As we are in discussion with our client, we are looking for answers on following questions.

  • We wanted to understand, is this standard Practice where customers asks for those Transaction/Credit card receipts from Business ?
  • Assuming this is standard practice, If you are using Adyen as a Payment Processor, how are you handling this business requirement specially when Adyen doesn’t have standard set up for this?
  • Also, if your client is Associated with any other payment Processor (apart from Adyen, Paymetric); we just wanted to understand if these receipts are part of standard set up provided by that payment processor or is this something handled through customization.

Expert’s opinion requested on best practices followed in/across industry.