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Sep 10, 2020 at 05:15 AM

List Picker returns wrong return value


Hi, I have created a simple an online app with a Create Order page using the "Form Cell Page" template with a List Picker control on it. The List Picker is bound to an OData Entity "PriorityVHSet" using "Object binding on entityset." The List Picker opens up fine and properly displays the list of priorities from the bound OData Service/Entity Set. However, regardless of which value I select (Very High, High, Medium, Low), the List Picker control on the page resets the selection to the first value (Very img-3312.pngimg-3313.pngimg-3314.pngHigh) in the list. Please find below the metadata for the List Picker control. Anyone else experienced such issue?


"AllowEmptySelection": false,

"AllowMultipleSelection": false,

"Caption": "Priority",

"IsEditable": true,

"IsPickerDismissedOnSelection": false,

"IsSearchCancelledAfterSelection": false,

"IsSelectedSectionEnabled": false,

"IsVisible": true,

"PickerItems": {

"DisplayValue": "{PriorityCode}",

"ReturnValue": "{PriorityCode}",

"Target": {

"EntitySet": "PriorityVHSet",

"Service": "/MyApp/Services/MainService.service" } },

"PickerPrompt": "Please select one single item",

"_Name": "FormCellListPicker0",

"_Type": "Control.Type.FormCell.ListPicker" }


img-3312.png (156.4 kB)
img-3313.png (87.1 kB)
img-3314.png (158.5 kB)