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Sep 14, 2020 at 02:22 PM

SAP Asset Manager 2005 - MDK - Filter in List


Hi all,

i am developping some changes in the SAP Asset Manager 2005 and got stuck at a problem while filtering via "Search Field" in Operations-list.

The "standard" list field shows only the OrderId in the SubHeader. We need to put also the "FunctionalLocation" or the "Equipment" from the operation into it.

If i change the Subhead to a fix implementation for the "OrderId" & "FunctionalLocation" directly into the page coding - the filter works on the mobile device:

BUT, sometimes we have an Equipment and sometimes a FunctionalLocation in the operation.

For this i have changed the Subhead to a rule:

In this rule, we decide if there should be shown the FunctionalLocation or the Equipment of the operation and if nothing is in there, the FunctionalLocation of the Header should be shown.

You can see, that i have tried different types in the return. The displaying of the FuncLoc and EQ ist working, but the searching of a text in the searchfield not.

Can anybody tell me, what i am doing wrong??

Thank you and regards