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Sep 14, 2020 at 11:02 AM

How to define a MIC as a short text


Hi Gurus
I'm a dummy in QM, so probably my question seems Silly !!!
I have to setup QM Inspection during several Production phases, so I've assign to the material in master-data Control-type = '03'.
Many MIC are quantitative,but few of them must contain a short text (15 characters about), where the operator will insert a alphanumeric value, which is a properrty of a component used.
I suppose is possible, but alla quantitative chars seems related to numeric fields, and Qualitative seems msut be related to catalogue value only.
Can anybody tell me how is possible to defined this kind of MIC ?
During chars declaration (QA32 or QE51N), is it possible to collect additional data as the CID of operator ?
Thanks in advance for your reply.