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Sep 10, 2020 at 06:01 PM

Deski to Webi Conversion (Formula / Measure)


Why does the deski to webi conversion tool NOT convert symbols to webi in Measures/ Formulas?


webi replaced , with ;

replace <> with []

webi SumTotM =Sum([Tot M]) ForEach([Eeo Cd]) ForAll ([Dept Cd] ;[Sal Type] ;[Dept Nm])

deski SumTotM =Sum(<Ami M>) ForEach(<Eeo Cd>) ForAll (<Dept Cd> ,<Sal Type> ,<Dept Nm>)

Why can't the symbold be changed in the converted.

I have 200 reports that have to be converted and even though they ran through the converter.

The deski symbols do not change to webi symbols.

This is a very tedious task that should be done in the converter.