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Sep 15, 2020 at 03:08 PM

Multiple windows and multipe tabs in 1 POWL


Hi friends,

i am looking for the way to create more than one tabs in a POWL. (For example the results of the default query will be under header tab listed down. When i click on the items tab, i will see the the item infos listed down).

The second issue is that, Is it possible to open 2 listings (maybe 2 windows i should say) in one POWL? (For example the results of the query will be listed down and when i click on any row, a new listing will appear under the existing one).

That would be wonderful, if you could help. In fact these questions are all related with the method handle_action and the parameter of it--->e_portal_actions. I don't know how to populate this parameter.

Thanks in advance.