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Sep 15, 2020 at 01:45 PM

WebIDE for SAP HANA - Installation on existing HANA System

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I am experienced in coding ABAP, not a basis guy. But for playing with new developing environments I was trying (and given the task) to install the WebIDE for SAP HANA (the on-premise one) on our S4HANA System.
It did take some to time to understand the different WebIDE Versions and their difference to HANA Studio etc, but I think i got it.

I tried to proceed by these blogpost-guides:

Sooo, to install SAP WebIDE for SAP HANA we are missing the XS Advanced Server and need to install this beforehand.
1.) I downloaded the current version of the files given in the first guide and uploaded them via scp to our HANA-System. I then logged in via ssh.

2.) As far as i read hdblcm (hana database lifecycle manager) seems to be the (or at least 'a') way to install components. i tried running the commando-version but ran into an error "Failed to detect installed ‚SAP HANA lifecycle management‘ ".
It seemed to me that maybe the hdblcm version is outdated or was previously broken somehow.

3.) I tried reinstalling hana lifecycle manager ( Guide from here & ) and after some hiccups with sap host agent patch number the HLM install via hdbinst was successful.

4.) Sadly that didn't help with my error in the first place. I tried runnig the GUI-Version of hdblcm (hdblcmgui), which opens, but when choosing 'Install or Update Additional Components' the same error occurs:
Which does irritate me - I did reinstall HANA Lifecycle management and started hdblcmgui in a window 'SAP HANA Lifecycle Management' to get an error it can't find itself :/

My current take is, that I may have reinstalled Hana Lifecylce Management (HLM) but the problem still occurs in Hana database lifecycle management (hdblcm). But i did not find any noobish guide how to reinstall hdblcm.
I did find this guide, but it is not clear to me what 'installation media' is referenced and it seems to be in case of setting up the system in general from a installation/boot-usb. Regardless i did not find any hdblcm-packages in the SAP-Download section

Any ideas or guides in general?
As stated in the beginning this is the first time I am working on the SAP-system itself and not only via SAPGui/NWBC, had some real struggles to understand .sar files or a kernel update in the first place :D

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Julian Horn


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