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Sep 15, 2020 at 03:54 PM

About The processing speed of the system


I have some questions, could you answer to me:
1. How to install HANA database on SUSE Linux? Is there any installation and configuration documentation available? Could you please send me documents or links to get the documents?
2. How is the SMS configuration on SAP B1 version 10 (HANA database)?
3. Should I use a system account or create an account with admin rights to set up HANA database?
4. Is it stable to use HA (High availability) mode in SAP version 10? Is there any instruction documentation of configuration?
5. Hana Studio has the function of automatic back up database, the back up file. Does SUSE Linux have alternative solutions to bring that backup file to windows?
6. What is the standard configuration of hardware to process SAP HANA version 10 well and fast?
I am implementing for a company that uses SAP B1 (HANA database). Their system has the following problems:
7. SAP Business One Client (HANA database) is very slow when creating or searching multi-line document (≥ 100 lines). To find the causes, what parts do I need to check to ensure the speed of the user?
8. Does SAP currently have standard parameters of user operation speed on the system, in order to evaluate the speed of the system fast or slow to propose solutions? (Example: When saving a purchase order or delivery on 100 lines, it takes about maximum 2 to 3 minutes)
9. For General Authorizations function, when clicking on a user, the SAP application will hang for about 30-45 seconds (the laptop computer uses WiFi, the latency of the ping command to the HANA server is 1ms).
10. SUSE cannot start normally after performing SAP configuration HANA starts automatically every time SUSE starts. If I reinstall and reconfigure a working SAP HANA system, which steps should be taken and the risks to consider?
Up to now, I haven't solve these problems yet. Can you support to me?