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Sep 11, 2020 at 12:03 AM

Wrong values in IPI, PIS and COFINS tax base (BX20, BX70 and BX80)


Hello Guys,

I have a problem in the SD princing but I cannot identify where exactly.

Here the sales order is created based on a sales quote. This process works well, without problems when createing the sales order based on the quotation.

However, if the user needs to make a price change directly in the sales order (net price) the values are updated but the base of IPI, PIS and COFINS get wrong values. The tax amount is correct (calculated with the correct tax base value) but the values displayed in BX20, BX70 and BX80 show wrong tax bases.

The tax bases are only corrected when we click the Update button and redetermining the values.

how to make sure the correct values are shown without having to click upgrade every time?