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Sep 10, 2020 at 06:13 AM

Making a MIC Validate and Lock and Save at the time of UD


Hi Team, I have an operation which has one mic, the operations is used for just telling the company that a bulk sample was received and sub divided for further analysis. I currently have a result date mic auto populate through a transaction. The MIC status at the time of the auto populate is a 2. in order for other reports to consider this date value, it needs to move to a mic status of 5. is there a way to set this mic up so that when a UD is completed against the inspection lot, that the mic status would move from a 2 to a 5?

(users want to avoid going into QE51N to do a Validate/Lock/Save against the one mic (result date) to move it to a 5 prior to UD.

thanks for your advice...