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Sep 09, 2020 at 07:25 PM

Allow empty Valuation type for stock transfers (ME21N Field BWTAR)



We want to allow an automatic batch selection for stock transfers with de delivery note document (next step from ME21N, akka VL10B and VL02N related), but its being imposible for materials with split valuation type because ME21N isn't allowing leaving this field empty and you can't type a provisional one because then you can't post goods movement (error Valuation type PROVISIONAL differs from valuation type of batch 9XXXXX).

The message is no. ME083 "Enter Valuation Type" and it's already optional.

After passing trough that, (with a direct EKPO table empty field change), now we can't post goods movement but with yet another error:


Use one-step procedure for transfer posting to mat. subj. to valuation

Message no. M7048


In the receiving plant, the material is subject to split valuation. For this material, a stock transfer cannot be carried out using the two-step procedure.


Use the one-step procedure (movement type 301) or a stock transfer order for the stock transfer.


So, looks like SAP system will make it imposible to automate a simple first in first out or first Best-Before Date first out automation for stock transfers.

Can someone look into this and how is achievable.

Very thankful for your help.