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Sep 09, 2020 at 09:32 AM

REST Receiver Adapter PUT without payload and Content-Length = 0 in SAP PI 7.4 SP22


Dear All,

I have set up a REST receiver channel one with PUT & other one with Delete call. Passing the Authentication values in HTTP Header parameters - Date & Authorization. As per the requirement at the receiver end, we need to pass these two calls without any payload.

Apart from the above mentioned, as per suggestion I got from the forum I am passing Content-Length = 0, which was working till now. However from this week onward, the PUT API call is throwing an error of HTTP 404. I checked the same with Postman call, the same issue is happening also with postman. Earlier, passing Content-Length as 0 and having with XML payload in the body in Postman, the response used to be success. It is fine for Delete call, however for PUT call its throwing error both from postman and PI.

Please suggest possible ways to send the calls without payload in it.