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Sep 09, 2020 at 06:23 AM

Make MRP run consider MPN




For one vendor, we now have 2 manufacturers with 2 MPN, and we have maintained quota percentage for the 2 MPN in quota arrangement with the same vendor code(MEQ1).

We are using scheduling agreement to perform the procurement, and I have maintained the scheduling agreement/MPN in source list.

Then I run MD02 and I find the system does considered the quota percentage as it generated two schedule line which matches the quota percentage. While both of them are using the same scheduling agreement which is in the fist line of the source list.

Can you kindly guide how to make it use correct scheduling agreement to generate the schedule line which matches the set in quota and source list, for example, for 40% of the allocation, it should use SA 5500000321 as it’s for MPN 1000433; For the remaining 60% percent, it should use 5500000322 as it’s for MPN 1000435.


You can refer to attachment to get more detail.


screenshot1.png (221.8 kB)