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Sep 05, 2020 at 03:52 PM

Queries for Account Page Layouts does not work

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Customization for the query list for business Roles is not working with the Page-Lay out :

Steps: 1) Set the filter criteria in the Master Layout – To disable All, My Account Team's Accounts, My Territory Team's Accounts & All Prospects

2) Change the Layout to Child Layout - SALES_REP and Click on Organise Queries: All the information that was done in Master_Layout shows up and when deselected or changed gives a message that “ You can modify queries only in the master layout and personalization mode”.

3) As the changes made in Master_Layout are available in Sales_Rep Layout when the Layouts are assigned for the Business Object – Account Instance Type – Blank

4) When Logged in with Sales_rep Role the Filter criteria as per the restriction should only show a. My Accounts b. My Teams Accounts But this does not work as it shows all the filters even though they have been disabled:

Expectation: As per the SAP video: How to use Queries for Page Layouts," this is a fairly simple sequence and the following steps were listed out which are not working in our system: Go to Adapt and use the Page layout Sales_Rep Layout. This role requires only 2 queries – My Account & My Teams Accounts & hide all the remaining queries End the layout changes Assign the Page layout to the Sales Rep Role & Save. Log in with the Sales Rep Role and should see only 2 queries.

So how do we achieve this? When in the Page layout od the Sales Rep system gives an error that changes can be made only in the master Layout and the changes made in the master layout are not reflected in the child layout.

PS: We have done this for out Transactional Process for Leads, Opportunity, and Quotes and it works. Only with the Account we are having an issue. Please suggest