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Sep 04, 2020 at 07:18 PM

Currency Conversion SAP BPC Embedded Consolidation model

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Dear SAP BPC Members,

I need your help, how to configurate historical currency conversion in a BPC Embedded Consolidation model.

For Example:

I have the follow equity account 2301000000, and we had upload data in historical value CLP for 2018 dec.

We had run Carry Forward rule for 2019 Jan F99 -> F00

We run the currency conversion for January 2019, and it generate the flow F99 for this month, this account doesn't have any movement in January.

That is Ok for that month, but for the follow month have problem when I execute the currency conversion rule for 2019 Feb.

If you see, the business rule generates a record for this month but with the opposite sign

This is my Configuration for Historical Currency conversion accounts

This is accounts settings

Please, any help well be grate




data-2018012.png (15.6 kB)
br-ct-hist.png (20.5 kB)
hist-acc.png (18.5 kB)