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Sep 04, 2020 at 10:01 AM

Stock difference after LX23 and LI20



I am working on the sandbox to copy that on Dev later.

I have a storage location which had the total unrestricted stock qty - 8

I have assigned a Warehouse to the plant /storage location

then I received the same material as in the storage location for the qty - 12

which means now I have a total unrestricted qty is 20 (8 in storage and 12 in WH)

Now to balance the stock what I did is I used LI20 and LX23 to see the stock in IM and WM same, which it did but now showing in both the location as 12 only.

Now my question is what happened to those 8, how can I make that to add to 12.

I know that it is a kind of grave mistake but still in the sandbox, so the risk is averted, however where are those 8?

Your replies are highly appreciated.

Alex Kid.