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Sep 03, 2020 at 02:35 PM

S/4 Hana printing to LOCL

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Hello SAP community,

This is a long shot but I'd like to ask anyway.

So I have this customer that uses S/4 Hana on Cloud (HEC) and they are faced with a showstopper when it comes to printing. Their functional team has enabled output management for S/4 hana per notes:

Now, it appears to them that with this configuration, printing to LOCL has become impossible, per notes:

The business scenario here is that they have endusers at the warehouse - for example, 10 workstations - each workstation has its own connected local printer (via USB cable, i.e. not network printer). The users will be printing packing slips and invoices using Fiori app and/or SAPGUI. But in this scenario, per the notes specified above, LOCL printing will not work.


1. What are your recommendations in this scenario? Is it more of an application or ABAP related solution?

2. If the printers are converted to network printers, and let's say user A (who normally logs in to workstation 1 that prints to network printer 1) now uses workstation 3 that must use network printer 3, how will SAP know that when user A logs in to workstation 3, to print to network printer 3?

Thank you for time and hope to hear any inputs/feedback.