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Sep 03, 2020 at 12:07 PM

B1 SQL Servicelayer connection using UI API


In Short: Company.GetServiceLayerConnectionContext(BaseUri); throws Exception "General Failure"

SAP B1 10.00.120 PL02 for SQL

Service Layer is installed and can be reached via Postman

My Intention: Reading the Businesspartner Object from Servicelayer in a Desktop (C#) AddOnContext

I was following the Instructions in this article:

BaseUri is set to "https://qsc-mobile:50000/b1s/v1/"


Exception thrown: 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' in VisECommerceAddOn.dll
General Failure
   bei SAPbouiCOM.CompanyClass.GetServiceLayerConnectionContext(String inConnParam)
   bei VisECommerceAddOn.Logic.ServiceLayer.PrepareRequest(String method, String path, Object content) in D:\dev\VIS2\SAPAddOns\4.0\VisECommerceAddOn\VisECommerceAddOn\Logic\ServiceLayer.cs:Zeile 60.
   bei VisECommerceAddOn.Logic.ServiceLayer.GetBusinessPartner(String cardCode) in D:\dev\VIS2\SAPAddOns\4.0\VisECommerceAddOn\VisECommerceAddOn\Logic\ServiceLayer.cs:Zeile 32.
   bei VisECommerceAddOn.Logic.BPUpload.UploadShopBps(List`1 contactsToUpload, ShopModel shop) in D:\dev\VIS2\SAPAddOns\4.0\VisECommerceAddOn\VisECommerceAddOn\Logic\BPUpload.cs:Zeile 59.
   bei VisECommerceAddOn.Frontend.BPManagement.BPManagementForm.UploadBtn_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in D:\dev\VIS2\SAPAddOns\4.0\VisECommerceAddOn\VisECommerceAddOn\Frontend\BPManagement\BPManagementForm.cs:Zeile 497.
public class ServiceLayer
        private Company Company;
        private string BaseUri;
        public ServiceLayer(string baseUri)
            Company = SwissAddonFramework.B1Connector.GetB1Connector().Application.Company;
            BaseUri = baseUri;

        public BusinessPartner GetBusinessPartner(string cardCode)
            var path = $"BusinessPartners('{cardCode}')";
            var req = PrepareRequest("GET", path);
            var resp = req.GetResponse() as HttpWebResponse;
            var result = ReadResponse<BusinessPartner>(resp);
            return result;

        private T ReadResponse<T>(HttpWebResponse response) where T : class
            T result = null;
            using (var stream = response.GetResponseStream())
                using (var streamReader = new StreamReader(stream))
                    var content = streamReader.ReadToEnd();
                    if (response.ContentType != JsonContentType)
                        throw new WrongContentTypeException();
                    result = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(content);
            return result;
        private const string JsonContentType = "application/json";
        private HttpWebRequest PrepareRequest(string method, string path, object content = null)
            var cookies = Company.GetServiceLayerConnectionContext(BaseUri);
            path = path.StartsWith("/") ? path.Substring(1) : path;
            var requestUri = BaseUri + path;
            var request = WebRequest.Create(requestUri) as HttpWebRequest;
            request.Method = method;
            if (content != null)
                request.ContentType = JsonContentType;
                using var stream = request.GetRequestStream();
                using var streamWriter = new StreamWriter(stream);
                var json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(content);
            request.CookieContainer = new CookieContainer();
            string[] cookieItems = cookies.Split(';');
            foreach (var cookieItem in cookieItems)
                string[] parts = cookieItem.Split('=');
                if (parts.Length == 2)
                    request.CookieContainer.Add(request.RequestUri, new Cookie(parts[0].Trim(), parts[1].Trim()));
            return request;

Is there a Logfile I could consult for more information about this bug/ behaviour?

Best Regards

Quentin Schär