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Sep 08, 2020 at 02:06 PM

Message no. VL150 during second Outbound Delivery


Dear Guru's

I need your help for the following scenario:
I am acting as a reseller.
A customer orders material 'ABC' from me every week.
For every customer order we open a sales order, which genearates Purchase Requistion, then PO->Inbound Delivery->Goods Receipt->Outbound Delivery.
Goods Issue is posted at the end of the month for the whole requested quantity during the month.

The process works well for the first SO.
Once I create a second SO for the same material though, I can not make an Outbound Delivery for it (steps PO->Inb.Delivery->GR are OK).
Here is where I encounter Message no. VL150 'Only & & of material & & available'.
During Goods Reciept material is placed in Unrestricted Sales Order Stock (movement type 101 + Special Stock Indicator E).

I can see in MMBE that I have the stock available.
I can see in CO09, checking rule B, for the second SO that the stock is Confirmed and the Cu. ATP quantity is the needed one.

I have been looking quite a while to find an answer to a similar issue but I struggle to find a solution.
What I have read and tested so far without success:
1. Set Cumulation to 1 for Checking Rule "XX"

2. Set "Do not check availability" to "X" in Tcode 0VLP

3. Unchecked "Check without RLT" for Av.Check "XX", checking rule A, in OVZ9

4. Unchecked "Check without RLT" for Av.Check "XX", checking rule B, in OVZ9

I will appriciate your responce on the case.
Thank you in advance,
Best Regards,